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Purple, Heart, Gemstone Earrings, Silver Plated

Purple, Heart, Gemstone Earrings, Silver Plated


Featuring the berry tones of the gemstone Lepidolite, these earrings are perfect for adding a little purple magic to your life.


Sometimes referred to as the 'grandmother stone' as well as the 'peace stone', Lepidolite is believed to have nurturing and calming properties. Personally I love it for its magical purple lustre and ‘barely there’ sparkle. Strictly speaking, the ‘magical sparkle’  of Lepidolite is from flakes of lithium in the gemstone's composition. But put that technical stuff to one side and enjoy this purple mica for its magic and you cant go wrong!


Teamed with silver plated heart charms and finished with silver plated ear wires. Drop length 3cm.

They come wrapped in tissue in a pretty organza bag along with information about the gemstone and tips on caring for your gemstone jewellery.

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