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Ordering & Delivery

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Please bear in mind that I live in a rural area where there is often just one collection per day Mon-Sat.  When your order comes through, I am usually able to get this wrapped and posted to you within 24-48 hours.
The nearest post office is a 2 mile walk - which is great for me, because it means I get some exercise at the same time! 

I always take a great deal of care with wrapping your order. You will receive care instructions and information about the gemstones in your jewellery. All handcrafted silver items are gift boxed as standard and come with information about the creative process. 

Skye Map0001.jpg
gemstones 6 3000SQ.jpg

Where do you source your gemstones?

I always choose ethically sourced quality gemstones and usually source these from one particular online supplier, whom I trust and have used for many years. The gemstones come from all over the world, and its important to me that this company has considerable gemstone knowledge and pledges to support ethical mining. If you have specific questions about a particular piece of gemstone jewellery, and wish to know its country of origin etc, just ask! In most cases I am able to pass on the supplier’s certificate of authenticity.

Green Agate
Fossil Pendant with rose gold plated wir

Are the fossils you use real fossils?

Yes, the fossils I use in my jewellery are all genuine fossil ammonites. Whilst ammonite fossils are found here in the Isle of Skye, none of the ammonites used in my jewellery are from a local source. 

Fossil Pendant by Indigo Berry
Brown Button Earrings 4.jpg

How old are the buttons you use?

All the buttons I use are vintage buttons dating mostly from the 1920s through to the 1970s. Shell pearl buttons may be even older and will almost certainly have been made in small button workshops in Birmingham in the late Victorian period.
Most of the buttons I use are from my own inherited family collections. I have also been extremely privileged to have received donations of further vintage buttons from friends and customers

Buttons with tin group 2.jpg
Handcrafted Silver Celtic Brooch hallmar

Is your silver jewellery hallmarked?

Each piece of Indigo Berry handcrafted silver is sterling silver and is hallmarked.
My silver jewellery pieces begin as silver clay - either PMC Sterling One Fire or Art Clay Silver. During the firing process the binder in the clay is burnt off, leaving 925 sterling silver which is tested and hallmarked by Edinburgh Assay Office. Where a piece is described as silver, it means that all the metal included is 925 sterling silver, and I am required by law to display a Dealer's Notice. 

handcrafted silver fossil pendant 5.jpg
Sodalite and thistle earring SP 3.jpg

I am allergic to some metals - which metals do you use in Indigo Berry jewellery?

Indigo Berry product descriptions include details about the metals used. For items which are described as silver plated, gold plated or rose gold plated, the base metal is always nickel free. If you have allergic reactions to base metals other than nickel, you might wish to look at the sterling silver earrings in my handcrafted silver collection, as a more suitable option. 
With some designs I am also able to swap the silver plated ear wires for sterling silver ear wires. Contact Me

Handcrafted Silver and Jasper Earrings
clip backs 1000 square.jpg

I do not have pierced ears – are you able to convert ear wires to ear clips for me?

Absolutely – I am more than happy to adapt a design wherever possible to include silver plated/gold plated and in some cases sterling silver clip or screw type ear wires. Contact Me to discuss your requirements

Smokey Quartz Clip On Earrings 2.jpg

I have an idea for a bespoke piece of jewellery - do you do commission work?

I am always very happy to discuss creating a bespoke piece of jewellery. There is nothing more special than working with you to create something totally bespoke. Contact Me and we can start the conversation about your ideas and requirements

finished pendant side view2.jpg
wearing earrings 1.JPG

Help! I have lost one of my favourite earrings – is it possible for you to make one to match? 

Oh that feeling! We have all been there:- left with a single earring, that we feel we cannot wear. 
By their very nature, earrings need to be a pair and in most cases it will simply not be possible for me to recreate a new one to match. However, all is not necessarily lost! 


One option would be for you to make a fashion statement, and wear different earrings in each ear – why not?!
If the asymmetric look isn’t for you, then depending on the design, it may be possible for me to upcycle your lonely earring into a pendant or to incorporate it into another design. I am always happy to discuss the options with you. 
Contact me to discuss any mending or alteration questions and I will be happy to work with you to find a solution.

Fairy Glass Bead Earring Dangles 4.jpg
Mending & Alterations
Stringing Beads

I have an old necklace which I can no longer wear because the clasp broke – do you offer a mending service?

Stringing Beads

If you have a favourite piece of jewellery that needs mending or altering, I am always happy to take a look and see what I can do. Sometimes this will mean restringing, adding a new clasp, shortening or lengthening a design. If your broken piece of jewellery is missing some of the beads, I may be able to source some new ones. Costs will always be estimated and agreed with you, before any work begins. 
Contact me to discuss any mending or alteration questions and I will be happy to work with you to find a solution.  

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