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Labradorite, Silver Plated, Heart Pendant

Labradorite, Silver Plated, Heart Pendant


A heart shaped labdradorite pendant - something a bit special this one! Labradorite is known for its magical optical qualities - the inner fire that flashes blues, greens and golds. This stunning 'one of a kind' pendant necklace showcases the natural 'labradorescence’  of this gemstone in all its glory. 


Believed to unleash the power of the mind, Labradorite is also thought to protect your aura and align your personal self with the universe. Or you could just wear it simply because its stunningly gorgeous! 


Finished with a n 18 inch silver plated chain. Comes to you wrapped in tissue in a pretty organza bag along with information about the gemstone and tips on caring for your gemstone jewellery. 

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