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Handcrafted, Silver, Pendant with Lapis Lazuli

Handcrafted, Silver, Pendant with Lapis Lazuli

£70.00 Regular Price
£52.50Sale Price

Showcasing a Lapis Lazuli heart, this necklace is finished with a handcrafted silver charm, with textures inspired by the patterns in the sand as the waves recede. A great gift for saying I believe in you - for anyone needing a wee nudge towards being more confident and less insecure. Lapis Lazuli is widely regarded as a lucky gemstone. It is also an ideal gemstone for meditation, believed to help clear the mind and is associated with strength, courage, royalty, wisdom, intellect and truth. 

As with all of my handcrafted silver pieces, I began with silver clay which I coaxed, cut, textured, sanded and worked until it was ready to fire. In the kiln binder in the clay is burned away, revealing the silver. It was then sent to Edinburgh Assay Office for hallmarking. Finally I began to assemble the piece and to give it the patina which makes this necklace rather special. 


Finished with a sterling silver snake chain (18 inch) and sterling silver clasp. Pendant drop length 4cm (including gemstone).


Comes gift boxed along with information about the gemstone and the creative process.

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