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5 Gemstone Gift Choices to show you care

Chosen with care, our gift choices reflect the things we want to say to our loved ones. What better way to convey these, often unspoken, messages than through gemstones?

As powerful symbols, gemstones can help convey messages to our loved ones. Now more than ever, we want to tell them we care, that we want them to stay safe and well; that we wish them better times; and health and happiness for the future. For centuries, gemstones have been chosen to say exactly those things.

Gemstones can be given as gifts to spread positive thoughts, represent our love and to offer symbolic calm and protection.

1. Gemstones to say I love you

Amongst the many gemstones associated with love and friendship, I would choose Rose Quartz every time! That soft pink blush makes it unmistakable.

Known as the gemstone of love, Rose Quartz is linked to the romantic tale of Aphrodite in Ancient Greek mythology. Trying to save the god Adonis from a vicious attack from a wild boar, Aphrodite was herself injured, and drops of their co-mingled blood are said to have stained the rocks pink.

Rose Quartz is believed to restore trust and harmony in relationships, promoting love for others and for ourselves, as well as cementing friendships.

Of course, if Rose Quartz seems too pink.... you can also send a message of love with Garnet and Ruby, or with any of the gemstones associated with the Heart (Emerald, Malachite or Morganite perhaps).

2. Gemstones to give Peace and Calm

I have two suggestions to wish friends and family peace and calm this Christmas:- Moonstone and Smokey Quartz.

Moonstone is a great choice. Just looking into this gemstone makes me feel calmer! It has an ethereal or ‘other-wordly’ look about it, apparently shimmering from within. This effect, known as adularescence is what makes this gemstone so fascinating, and gives it its long history of being associated with the moon. The Hindi name for Moonstone is 'chandrakant', meaning 'beloved of the moon', and in India, it is referred to as a ‘dream stone’. So if you want your loved one to sleep better and have pleasant dreams, a moonstone gift is perfect. Moonstone is believed to relax a person’s mind and body.

Think of it as the gemstone equivalent of the serenity prayer:-

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Just be mindful, that Moonstone is also associated with fertility!

If Moonstone doesn't fit with your gift list, then what about Smokey Quartz? Another gemstone good for wishing peace and calm on your loved ones, Smokey Quartz is Scotland’s National Gemstone.

Smokey Quartz is an ideal gift choice as it is believed to clarify mental confusion, and to comfort those who are feeling afraid. Just about covers it for 2020!

Smokey quartz shares the same reputation as moonstone, in that it is often referred to as a ‘dream stone’ and like moonstone it is believed to be good at aiding mindfulness and meditation.

And breathe!

Other gemstone choices to wish calm and peace this Christmas:-

  • Sodalite

  • Aquamarine

  • Aventurine

  • Variscite

  • Green Amethyst

  • Fluorite

  • Magnesite

  • Pearls

3. Gemstones for Protection and Strength

To If your message this Christmas is to say that you wish to protect your loved ones, and give them strength to carry on, why not choose the more unusual gemstone of Turritella Agate?

Turritella Agate is strongly connected to the hearth and home, and to Mother Earth. It is very much a survival stone, conveying the message of strength and protection. This association is related to how this fascinating gemstone was formed, and the spiral shapes embedded in the gemstone offer a clue. These are actually the fossil remains of freshwater snails, carried by rain water running down the mountains of Wyoming USA, and deposited as sediment in lake beds. Over time the sediment was compressed into agate with the fossilized remains entombed forever. You can almost hear them singing I Will Survive can’t you?

Other gemstone choices offering strength and protection:-

  • Red Jasper

  • Tigers Eye

  • Jade

  • Obsidian

4. Gemstones for Courage and Hope

The natural 'gemstone' Amber has long been associated with bravery and protection. It is sometimes referred to as the 'Stone of Courage', and Asian cultures consider it as the "soul of the tiger".

Personally I love Amber simply for the fact that it's formed from hardened tree resin and is usually in excess of 100,000 years old! I mean, how amazing is that?

Ancient civilisations carried pieces of amber as protection during long travels (not that many of us are going to be going on long haul travels for a while yet!). Ancient Romans believed that Amber protected them from evil forces and during the Middle Ages, Amber was used as a fumigant during the Plague!

As symbols of hope, look no further than calming Amazonite or stunning Opals. Either would make great gift choices.

5. Gemstones to send a little ray of sunshine

Did you know that November’s birthstone Citrine is known as the Sunshine Stone? If you just simply want to send someone a little ray of sunshine and positive thoughts, then Citrine is ideal. Just the colour of this gemstone makes you smile – glorious golden yellow. And not only is Citrine known for the positive uplifting power of its colour – motivating and stimulating creativity - but it is also referred to as the Merchants Stone – believed to bring you luck in money and business.

When you choose a piece of Indigo Berry gemstone jewellery as a gift, you also receive information about the gemstones and Tips on Caring for Your Gemstone Jewellery.

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