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Labradorite, Heart Pendant

Labradorite, Heart Pendant


Known for its magical optical qualities, the gemstone labradorite makes this is a heart that truly shines!  As this necklace , the heart appears to flash with iridescent colours—blues, greens and golds. It is not surprising that the native Innuit people of Labrador Canada (where this gemstone was first discovered) called it ‘fire stone’, believing that the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis were trapped inside, making it literally ‘dance with fire’. An emotionally uplifting gemstone, Labradorite is a great choice to say—you can do it! It is believed to help focus the mind and to give you the energy you need to persevere and succeed. It also serves as a reminder to be thankful for what we have and to enjoy the simple pleasures of life — like looking at the night sky.


Cradled with antique bronze and copper wires. Pendant size 4cm (including bail). Finished with an 18 inch rose gold plated chain, and comes to you wrapped in tissue in a pretty organza bag along with information about the gemstone and tips on caring for your gemstone jewellery. 

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