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Where does the name Indigo Berry come from?

What’s in a name? Well, when you are starting out with a small business, choosing your brand name is a pretty big deal. And it took me many hours of brainstorming and angst to say the least! Believe me, I went through heaps of suggestions – from Parthena Rose (yes, I know) to Millie Skye (don’t ask!). Many of my original ideas just didn’t sound right or they were actually already being used by other businesses and I wanted something original.


Initially I wanted my business to reference my love of purple. I make no secret of the fact that purple is my favourite colour. I wear it a lot. And I mean A LOT - like every day. I eat sleep dream and do whatever else I can do – in purple. Hence many of my early ideas for a name included the word purple in them. Or plum, or violet. Or even amethyst.

Head and shoulders of the maker Michelle dressed in purple against purple background
I do love purple!

But wait, my second favourite colour is blue. So, for me, indigo is pretty near being an ideal colour. It carries many of the associations of the colour purple including being a symbol of creativity and it also brings along the calming effect of the colour blue.

I also love that nothing is straightforward with indigo!

Heck, it wasn't even considered a colour until the mid 17thcentury when Sir Isaac Newton introduced it as one of the seven base colours in his work. Like the words orange, violet and rose, indigo is a descriptive word colour. Whilst violet and rose refer primarily to flowers, indigo refers primarily to a plant dye (originally from the plant Indigofera tinctoria (or True Indigo since you are asking!). Even today some colour theorists argue that since the human eye isn’t always able to differentiate between blue and violet (something to do with wavelengths and stuff). indigo’s place in the rainbow is one for debate.

But its perfect for me!

So I had one word that I wanted for my business name but I was still looking for a reference to my jewellery. I began looking at words to go with Indigo


So as well as gemstone of course, I love seed beads – those tiny glass sprinkles of colour! The idea of ‘seed’ meaning the start of something really appealed to me, but Indigo Seed just didn’t sound right.

I continued to brainstorm until one day on the phone with my brother we hit on Indigo Berry! Berry because it literally means ‘the seed or origin’ – perfect for a creative small business, right?

My brother designed the logo by the way - thanks Marc!

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