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Speckled gemstone pendant, square, white with blue flecks. With silver plated wire wrapped detail.

Speckled Gemstone Pendant, Silver Plated


A necklace to start conversations with, featuring the enigma that is known as K2 jasper - even though its not really as jasper at all! I chose it because of those gorgeous blue ink spot stains reminding me of rain splashed rocks, and amazingly this gemstone is also sometimes known as raindrop azurite. Found only in a remote part of Pakistan, it is widely believed to be a granite with flecks of the mineral azurite. For me it seems to sum up the Isle of Skye - with its granite hills and rain! I gave it a wire hug with silver plated wire and added some silver swirls to refer the design back to water. 


On an 18 inch silver chain. Pendant size 4.5 x 3 cm. This comes wrapped in tissue on an organza bag along with information about the gemstone and tips on caring for your gemstone jewellery.

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