Singing the Blues, Gemstone Rosary Necklace

Singing the Blues, Gemstone Rosary Necklace


A necklace that will take you back to the sunshine and sand, whatever the time of year! It whispers blue seas and walking barefoot on the sand.


Featuring carved turquoise dyed magnesite with terra  jasper. Both of these gemstones are believed to possess calming properties. Magnesite in particular is thought to promote peace and aid silent relaxation in meditation. Jasper is believed to be a powerful healing stone—helping us move beyond just surviving - to making us glad to be alive! Which, for me, pretty much sums up how I feel walking on the shore.


Each gemstone is rosary linked using antique copper coloured wire. Finished with a contrasting antique bronze clasp. Length 18 inches.


This comes wrapped in tissue in a pretty organza bag along with information about the gemstone and tips on caring for your gemstone jewellery.