Handcrafted, Silver, Aquamarine, Necklace

Handcrafted, Silver, Aquamarine, Necklace


Showcasing soft sea blue aquamarine with a handcrafted silver pendant featuring a fish design.

Aquamarine - also known as the Sailor's Stone - has a long association with the ocean. Not surprisingly, it is also associated with the moon and the pull of the tides. I chose to combine this stunning gemstone with a handcrafted silver pendant with a fish design, making this the perfect gift for anyone born under the sign of Pisces.


As with all of my handcrafted silver pieces, I began with silver clay which I coaxed, cut, textured, sanded and worked until it was ready to fire. In the kiln binder in the clay is burned away, revealing the silver. It was then sent to Edinburgh Assay Office for hallmarking. Finally I began to assemble the piece and to give it the patina which makes this necklace rather special. 


Finished with a brushed sterling silver clasp, it comes gift boxed along with information about the gemstone and the creative process.