Fossil Pendant, Unisex Jewellery, Gold Plated

Fossil Pendant, Unisex Jewellery, Gold Plated


Looking for something a bit different? How about this ammonite fossil pendant inspired by my love of geology and fossils, and perfect for him or her.  

This particular polished ammonite has clearly defined deep brown swirls, and I wanted to compliment that with a swirling wire framework featuring gold plated and antique bronze coloured wires.  Finished with contrasting spirals and hanging from a brown satin cord. 


Ammonites once lived in the seas between 240-65 million years ago and are believed to be named after the Egyptian God Ammon who took the form of a ram. 


24 inch cord finished with gold plated cord ends and a gold plated clasp. It comes to you wrapped in tissue in an organza bag, along with information about ammonite fossils.