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Win an Indigo Berry Agate pendant! 

I've got 6 of these wee beauties to give away - and to be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is answer 6 questions. 

Agate Acorns Landscape.jpg

To enter:

Please answer the following 6 questions.


To help you - the answers to the first 5 are all somewhere on the Indigo Berry website. 

DEADLINE for ENTRIES  Midnight (GMT) Friday 7 May 2021


Good luck! 

1.   Dyed Magnesite is often sold as a more affordable alternative to which gemstone?

2. 6-10% of an opal is made up of what?

3. What links Lapis Lazuli to the Dutch artist Vermeer?

4. In the process of creating Indigo Berry handcrafted silver jewellery, what  do I use Liver of Sulphur for?

5. Which unusual gemstone is made from the fossilized remains of snails?

6. Finally, tell me which is your favourite gemstone - and why

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Thank you for your entry! Good Luck.